Family Advantage Pricing (per month)

  • individual only $49.00
  • individual plus spouse $89.00
  • individual plus children $79.00
  • individual plus spouse and children $99.00

$15 facility usage fee collected for each patient visiting the clinic.

Wellness Benefits

Because of high costs, long wait times and physician availability, many people put off getting the care they need at the onset of illness. Not only can delaying treatment be dangerous, but it can also lead to higher medical costs like hospitalization or worse. You shouldn’t have to wait. At Care Today, you can see a qualified provider right away. Plus, as a member of the Care Today MSN, the increasing costs of frequent visits can be avoided altogether. No matter what type or how many treatments you receive, there is only one low fee for each visit.

More Accessible Primary Care

In our community there is a shortage of primary care, family practice and general practice providers. This translates to more difficulty with appointments, longer in-office wait times, and limited access to after-hours and weekend care. That’s why Care Today Urgent Health makes quality care much more convenient and accessible with multiple locations throughout Amarillo, extended hours, and weekend hours.

Lower Rates and Fees

Care Today’s Medical Service Network (MSN) takes the guesswork out of variable charges to maintain your health. Your monthly membership includes a wide range of services like office visits, in-house lab work, X-rays, and injections.

Medical Service Network pricing is subject to change. Current price at time of sign-up is valid for one year.
• No medical underwriting.
• 1-year rate guarantee.
• Plans are billed on the last business day of every month.
• We will send each account holder an e-mail invoice/receipt stating that we have drafted their checking account or credit card for the monthly billing.
• The MSN program IS NOT insurance. It is a direct primary care plan (concierge plan) for medical services between the physician group and you, the patient.